by Heksena

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released May 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Heksena Finland

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Track Name: Ethereal
(Life dies, life's born).
They entered the sacred valley after wintry dawn.
The Sun's gone dim and the long forgotten daylight become ethereal.
Ethereal gloomy!
They didn't hear the desperate warnings of the mountains.

The voices are near...

Only the shimmering brightness blinded their eyes.
They crawled in the snow to find asylum.
Pounding sound coming closer and closer.
Echoing drums and loud chants.

They faced the deadliest vision they'd ever seen.
Ethereal wintry death.

When mountains shed tears down to the sanctuary
Hear the silent mourning of the Moon
Track Name: Astral Sorrow
My mind is leading the way into somewhere
It was in my vision, it was all clear
My human life in suffering... has come to an end

No more pain
Take my life away
The astral journey has begun

It was so dark
I found myself in the dream

No more pain, no more hate
Take my life away (no more pain)
The astral journey has begun (no more hate)

My mind is leaving the pain and the fears
The astral sorrow's journey has begun
No life left in me
The body is leaving this soul of mine
(No no pain, no more hate)

I'll flee free (I'll flee free)
I'm free
I'm free
No life left in me
No love left to feel.